Popularity of Stained Concrete

popularity of stained concreteAccording to the Chicago Tribune:

“In residential building and design, concrete is experiencing a surge in popularity. Among the reasons: It’s a flexible material that can be fashioned into large expanses such as walls and floors or into decorative accents such as countertops and fireplace surrounds; concrete can be made to look like stone or tile; it deadens sound and resists fire; and it’s recyclable.”

Although at ModernCrete, we focus primarily on retail, business, and industrial spaces, the same principles apply. Staining concrete has become a popular way to add color and designs to plain cement, regardless of the type of space. While staining results in a more artistic look, the fact is that commercial floors need to be just as safe and aesthetically appealing as floors in a home.

Concrete is best known as a utilitarian medium for construction. Decorative concrete takes concrete to a new level – it aesthetically enhances a structure, while maintaining its primary function as an integral part of a building, such as a floor or wall.

ModernCrete uses a variety of products for coloring gray concrete and overlays. Learn more about our acid stains and penetrating dyes. For more information, contact us online.