Polished Concrete Maintenance: The Big 3

According to ForConstructionPros.com:

Polished concrete floors are one of the most durable, aesthetically pleasing and maintenance friendly floors available to the market today. However, over the years polished concrete has sometimes been sold as a “maintenance free” floor, which is completely untrue. With the proper daily maintenance, building owners can expect to keep their floors looking good at a comparatively lower cost than traditional flooring options. But even with the best cleaning schedule, polished concrete requires more than just traditional daily/periodical maintenance.

polished concrete maintenanceThey suggest the following as the “The ‘Big 3’ of Polished Concrete Maintenance“:

  1. Regular Maintenance: walk off mats, promptly cleaning up spills, daily dry mopping, and general cleaning of high-traffic areas
  2. Mechanical Maintenance: using diamond impregnated pads to maintain the floor’s polish
  3. Chemical Maintenance: using conditioners that contain mineral compounds such as silicates, calcium and potassium that work together with elements already present in the concrete that help give added protection against abrasion

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