Stained Concrete vs. Tile

Tile can be an attractive flooring option for restaurants and retail spaces. Although both concrete and tile flooring work well for indoor and outdoor environments, with the introduction of staining and stamping techniques that reproduce the look of elegant tile, concrete flooring has several advantages over tile. Advantages of Stained Concrete Appearance With the help of experienced professionals such as ModrenCrete, stained concrete can look like marble, slate, travertine or terra cotta. The process of staining concrete — along with with scoring or stamped designs, and even grouting — has resulted in wide range of colors and shades. This offers the same style versatility as ceramic or porcelain tiles. Durability and Maintenance Terra cotta and slate provide a rustic look but are not … [Read more...]

Polished Concrete in the Workplace

Searching for the best option to create a professional, modern look in your workplace may feel like an overwhelming ordeal. Houzz has five reasons why concrete is the perfect choice. We agree with them that concrete floors are great for “everyday living,” and we think the same reasons apply to polished concrete for “everyday working.” Polished Concrete in the Workplace Sustainability: An existing concrete floor will work in your favor and eliminate the need to order raw materials. Money for the flooring project can be allocated to decorating the space with rugs, furniture, and other decor. Easy Care: For your floors to stay in good condition, be sure to mop once a week with soap and water. Economical: Prices range from $2 to $15 per square foot, and your polished floors have … [Read more...]

ACC Renovates Highland Mall with Colored Polished Concrete

Classes Scheduled to Begin Fall 2014 Many Austinites recognize Highland Mall when driving down Airport Boulevard, but Austin Community College is transforming the former retail site and local landmark into a new school campus. In 2011, the last remaining major department stores closed, and ACC announced its plans for a new campus. During the Spring of 2013, construction went underway on the old JC Penney store, which began Phase I of the renovations. Classes are set to begin this year, and we’re pleased that students will be setting foot onto our highly polished piece of art in the fall. Work Begins on a New Polished Concrete Floor The floor of the old JC Penney was in rough shape, and it was our job to transform it into 40,000 square foot of colored, polished concrete. There … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Polished Concrete

High in durability and low in environmental impact, concrete is the perfect flooring material for sustainable work places. As builders and business owners discover the benefits of green construction, without sacrificing aesthetics or going over budget, there are more retail, industrial, commercial and public spaces starting to use polished concrete flooring. Going green isn’t just good for the planet…it saves money, too. (Read the full article, "Green Concrete Floors" on the Concrete Network website.) Concrete floors, left exposed, help conserve resources by functioning as a foundation slab — when they are given a stain or polish, concrete flooring also has a decorative and aesthetic look. In other words, polished concrete floors offer the benefits of both form and function! … [Read more...]

Decorative Concrete: Making History

Decorative concrete is as popular as ever, with a history dating back to the 19th century. Without the expertise of skilled workers to craft sturdy, long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing concrete, people may not have been interested in using concrete in their home or office design plans. What began as the innovative use of colors and stains ultimately created new artistic techniques, which appeared in publications during the 1800s. The evolution of technique has taken the industry to where it is today. Techniques included adding color to concrete, stamping patterns, chemical stains, overlay cement, paper stencil patterning, and polishing concrete. In 1915 in Chicago, Lynn Mason Scofield became the first company to manufacture color for concrete. Other products available: chemical stains, … [Read more...]

Concrete Repair Solutions for Common Concrete Problems

  Three Common Concrete Problems Explained Concrete is a durable, versatile surface which can exhibit chalk art on the driveway or the elegance of a smooth, polished floor. Though it is disappointing when a crack or surface scaling manifests, these common problems can be solved with concrete repair. Identifying Issues is the First Step in Concrete Repair Cracking    As previously mentioned, finding a crack in your concrete is a daunting sight. Cracks arise due to a multitude of causes, and there is no way to know the exact cause. Cracked concrete, according to, will most likely be more of a cosmetic nuisance rather than a structural problem. Scaling / Spalling At its best, scaling is also a cosmetic issue, but at its worst it can cause structural … [Read more...]

Google Gets Extraordinary Polished Concrete Floor

The latest addition to our portfolio is a beautiful polished concrete floor for one of the most famous companies of our time. When Balfour Beatty Construction contacted us to do the work, it turned out we had already done three projects for this internet giant. We’re proud to say that what began as an ordinary piece of concrete slab became a work of art for none other than Google! The project included removing the carpet glue, patching holes, repairing damage, and applying a chemical densifier by RetroPlate. We then did a diamond grinding and polishing of the concrete floor to a medium gloss finish. To personalize it, Google’s original plan was to apply a sticker with their logo. Turning a Polished Concrete Floor into a Work of Art But ModernCrete’s VP of Operations, Chris Bishop, had … [Read more...]

Polished Concrete Maintenance: The Big 3

According to Polished concrete floors are one of the most durable, aesthetically pleasing and maintenance friendly floors available to the market today. However, over the years polished concrete has sometimes been sold as a “maintenance free” floor, which is completely untrue. With the proper daily maintenance, building owners can expect to keep their floors looking good at a comparatively lower cost than traditional flooring options. But even with the best cleaning schedule, polished concrete requires more than just traditional daily/periodical maintenance. They suggest the following as the "The ‘Big 3’ of Polished Concrete Maintenance": Regular Maintenance: walk off mats, promptly cleaning up spills, daily dry mopping, and general cleaning of high-traffic … [Read more...]

Celebrating Thirteen Years of Success with Polished Concrete

One thing that is unique and extraordinary about ModernCrete is that Dan Bishop, as the president of the company, stills get out and works in the field with the employees. "Having three locations means I must travel extensively to ensure we are delivering high-quality floors, no matter where we are working," says Dan. "Throughout the year, I will be physically present on several local and out of town projects. I do this to help train our team members and make sure they ALL know how we create gorgeous ModernCrete floors," he adds. Among the Country's Top Experienced Polished Concrete Companies ModernCrete has been installing concrete floors since 2001, and they diamond polished their first concrete floor in 2004. Polished concrete floors are now 80% of ModernCrete's business. They have … [Read more...]

Popularity of Stained Concrete

According to the Chicago Tribune: "In residential building and design, concrete is experiencing a surge in popularity. Among the reasons: It's a flexible material that can be fashioned into large expanses such as walls and floors or into decorative accents such as countertops and fireplace surrounds; concrete can be made to look like stone or tile; it deadens sound and resists fire; and it's recyclable." Although at ModernCrete, we focus primarily on retail, business, and industrial spaces, the same principles apply. Staining concrete has become a popular way to add color and designs to plain cement, regardless of the type of space. While staining results in a more artistic look, the fact is that commercial floors need to be just as safe and aesthetically appealing as floors in a … [Read more...]