Celebrating Thirteen Years of Success with Polished Concrete

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Dan Bishop with crew from a recent project.

One thing that is unique and extraordinary about ModernCrete is that Dan Bishop, as the president of the company, stills get out and works in the field with the employees.

“Having three locations means I must travel extensively to ensure we are delivering high-quality floors, no matter where we are working,” says Dan.

“Throughout the year, I will be physically present on several local and out of town projects. I do this to help train our team members and make sure they ALL know how we create gorgeous ModernCrete floors,” he adds.

Among the Country’s Top Experienced Polished Concrete Companies

ModernCrete has been installing concrete floors since 2001, and they diamond polished their first concrete floor in 2004. Polished concrete floors are now 80% of ModernCrete’s business. They have grown to be one of the largest concrete polishing contractors in the United States, with three locations across the country in Portland, Austin, and Raleigh.

ModernCrete is also a founding member of The RPM Group, A National Network of Concrete Polishing Professionals Committed to Providing Superior Service to the National Retail Client.

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