Polished Concrete

polished-concrete-retail5Nearly any concrete slab can be polished to meet the needs of your space, whether you’re an industrial, commercial or retail location, business office, or community area.

Polished concrete has become the floor of choice for virtually any application. Schools, churches, museums, aircraft hangars, big box retailers, grocery stores, club stores, dealerships, warehouses and factories are examples of facilities with polished concrete.

ModernCrete has the expertise required to install polished concrete floors in all of these facilities and more. Our training and years of experience give us the ability to polish a new concrete slab or the third-generation use of an old concrete floor.

Please check our Polished Concrete Gallery for design ideas.


Polished Concrete Process

polished concrete process illustration

  • Floor Prep – remove all coatings such as epoxy, paint, mastic, sealers, etc.
  • Metal Cuts – metal bond diamonds grind the floor smooth and, if desired, expose the aggregate
  • Densification – dust proof the concrete and increase its strength and abrasion resistance
  • Polishing Cuts – resin bond diamonds polish the floor to the desired gloss level
  • Color – increase the floor’s beauty by adding one or more dyes from our color chart

Polished Concrete Lifecycle Chart

polished concrete lifecycle chart