Solutions to Problem Concrete

Whether it’s moisture remediation, floor leveling, or coating removal and surface preparation, ModernCrete will take the time to making sure that your floor is in optimal condition before applying polished concrete or any of our other concrete flooring options. We do this not only to prevent potential problems down the line, but also to make sure that the finished results are beautiful and of the highest quality.

See examples of this type of work in our Solutions to Problem Concrete Gallery.

concrete floor moisture remediationMoisture Remediation

ModernCrete tests your concrete slab for moisture content and vapor emissions prior to the installation of any products. Moisture can result in adhesive failures, mold and mildew growth, and product delamination, curling or bubbling.

The universally recognized testing methods for moisture are ASTM F1869 for calcium chloride and ASTM F2170 for relative humidity. These tests measure the moisture emitted and contained within the concrete slab. The testing duration for these tests last between 60-72 hours and require the environment to remain at 75°F (± 10°F) with a relative humidity of 50% (± 10%) for 48 hours prior to and during the test.

Product and installation warranties require minimal moisture content, contamination, and emission levels to be maintained before, during, and after installation. If these conditions are not met, your warranty is voided, so we work hard to ensure moisture problems are identified and corrected early on.

Floor Leveling

During concrete slab renovation projects, it’s not uncommon to find floors that are pitted, cracked, and un-level. In order to achieve a successful installation, ModernCrete uses the following solutions to create an even, leveled flooring surface:

  • Self-leveling underlayments
  • Gypsum underlayments
  • Cementitious overlays / polished overlays

By following a consistent process and methodical approach during each installation, we can achieve uniformly beautiful results. On each project, we make sure to do the following:

  • Provide a detailed survey at no cost to owner or contractor
  • Identify floor flatness criteria
  • Select and recommend product
  • Provide a firm quote
  • Survey the floor again to ensure all areas of concern are addressed
  • Flatten the floor

We have a wide variety of products and solutions to choose from, so we can help solve any flooring challenge – big or small.

Coating Removal and Surface Prep

solutions for problem concrete example

Our team of experts will prepare your floor for new coatings and floor coverings. Using our half-ton concrete grinders, we can:

  • Remove mastic, carpet glue, VCT or linoleum glue, old underlayments
  • Smooth and clean old concrete for the final finish
  • Remove old epoxy coatings or concrete stain and seal
  • Expose aggregate in the concrete before sealing
  • Profile floors to receive new epoxy or urethane coatings

Our process will not damage the concrete leaving a perfectly smooth finish for other coatings and floor coverings.

See examples of this type of work in our Solutions to Problem Concrete Gallery.