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ModernCrete is a nationwide leading provider of polished concrete and epoxy flooring systems to the commercial, industrial, and retail markets. Since 2001, ModernCrete's President, Dan Bishop, has had a passion for making concrete floors beautiful. Pride of workmanship is a hallmark of his company and its employees. … [Read more...]

Launch of Resinous Flooring and Stamped Concrete Divisions

Since 2001, leading decorative concrete company ModernCrete Concrete Design has built a well-earned reputation for superior diamond polished concrete work. Recently, the company announced the launch of their new Resinous Flooring and Stamped Concrete divisions operating out of their Austin, TX office to deliver even more options and value to their clients nationwide. Most design experts agree there's few things that can completely transform the look of a commercial building as much as having professional polished concrete or other decorative flooring installed. National leaders in the space, Texas and Oregon based ModernCrete, are well known for staying on top of the last innovations and breakthroughs in the decorative concrete and flooring world. The company recently announced they … [Read more...]

Five Trends That are Shaping the Industry

Polished concrete is without a doubt the hottest market segment in decorative concrete today. It has held that title for the last five years, and shows no signs of giving up the number one position any time soon. The commercial and industrial flooring communities have embraced polished concrete as the new standard when a combination of aesthetics, durability, reduced construction costs, and minimal environmental impact is desired. Many large retailers such as Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Lowes have switched to polished concrete as the standard flooring for both new and existing stores. Download the publication Concrete Polishing Today: Five Trends That are Shaping the Industry, published by ConcreteNetwork.Com … [Read more...]

Polished Concrete is the Ultimate Choice When Compared

Compare your flooring options side by side. Polished concrete comes out on top. Different types Carpet Ceramic tile Vinyl or linoleum Wood or wood laminate Polished concrete Available in many aesthetic options Yes Yes Yes Yes Unlimited Durability, longevity and performance Poor Good Good Good Excellent Ease of maintenance Poor (needs frequent vacuuming; stains easily) Good Good (linoleum may need occasional waxing) Good Excellent Can radiate heat and store solar energy No No No No Yes Vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage Yes No Yes Yes No Can harbor mold, mildew, dust mites and other allergens Yes No No Yes(mold and mildew, if the flooring becomes wet) No Is a sustainable flooring alternative No Yes Maybe(if using linoleum made from all natural … [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete has become an ideal flooring choice for many architects, designers, and builders today. It’s not a surprise, either, because it is utilitarian, stylish, and inexpensive. When considering polished concrete, many people ask these questions. What types of styles are available for polished concrete floors? The choices are essentially limitless when choosing the various factors of concrete. The grade of concrete, the way it’s poured, the polishing process, and the color pigment are customizable to your needs. How much does polished concrete flooring cost? It is typically very affordable and will usually cost $4 to $5 per square foot. This will allow a bigger budget for the rest of your space. Is maintenance of polished concrete difficult? Not at all. Simply run a dust mop over … [Read more...]

How to Furnish Concrete Floors

Beautiful, polished concrete floors can create a perfect canvas in any space that allows you to decorate freely. You can achieve multiple looks with some creative thinking. Here are some tips about furnishing your new floor with a modern, contemporary style. Use pieces that emphasize the clean look of the floor. Sleek furniture will crate a cohesive design. Find furniture that adds some contrasting color to the room so that they can pop off the floor. Avoid clutter and look to stay minimal when possible. This way the look of your rooms won’t be too overwhelming. Remember to throw in some personality! When creating that modern look, don’t forget to add some sentimental or storytelling pieces that add character to the interior design. After all, this is your space. With these easy … [Read more...]

Green Building: From Floor to Ceiling

There are so many sources of information out there for building green homes, but a lot of the same principles also apply to building green work places. People spend an average of eight hours a day at work, whether it’s at an office, manufacturing facility, or retail space — that’s a majority of waking hours for most individuals. So it’s just as important for our work places to be environmentally friendly, which often means better for our health as well. One factor to consider in green flooring is thermal mass. Concrete is a good heat conductor — it has higher thermal mass than that of wood, and it complements passive solar design. Green Building with Polished Concrete The following is an excerpt from Green From the Ground Up by David Johnston and Scott Gibson (Taunton Press, 2008). Begin … [Read more...]

New H&M in San Antonio Features Polished Concrete

H&M officially opened its doors on June 12, 2014 in San Antonio. The retailer occupies 27,000 square feet of space at The Shops at La Cantera, 15900 La Cantera Parkway. The local H&M features the Swedish retailer’s line of clothes for ladies, men, young ladies, young men and children. The shop will also has a store-within-a-store for its collections of accessories, lingerie, sports apparel, maternity wear and plus-size. Philosophy of Sustainability One of H&M’s philosophies is applying sustainability to everything they do. H&M does not own factories, but instead buys products from independent suppliers that are close long-term partners. On their website, they state, “We work to bring about long-term improvement for people and the environment.” So it’s only natural that … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

In the concrete flooring industry, there is a common misconception that polished concrete requires absolutely no maintenance. The truth is that keeping up a polished floor does require work, but it’s still fairly low maintenance compared to other types of flooring. In a recent article on Concrete Decor, a three-stage process is presented to properly — but easily — maintaining polished concrete floors. Step #1: Restoration Liquids or spills that remain for a long time on a concrete floor can penetrate the surface and create a permanent stain. Fortunately, concrete is easy to restore by using diamond-impregnated pads, stripping agents, prep tools and specially formulated cleaners. There are a number of products on the market to aid in this step. Step #2: Protection After restoring the … [Read more...]

4 Benefits of Polished Concrete for Architects and Contractors

Whether you’re designing or remodeling a restaurant, office space, or industrial workspace, choosing the type of flooring is not an easy choice. There are an overwhelming number of options, and the one you pick for your client will dictate the aesthetic for a long time. However, when you simplify the benefits of polished concrete, it’s easy to see why it’s the best solution. Polished Concrete: Beautiful, Low-Maintenance, Affordable, Durable Impress with Beauty – This is usually first and foremost when considering options. With a clean and sleek look, it’s tough not to be attracted to the modern style of polished concrete. With this option, you’ll easily impress your clients. Easy Maintenance Ahead – Think ahead. If you’re designing with purpose, it’s likely that you’re thinking about … [Read more...]