ACC Renovates Highland Mall with Colored Polished Concrete

Classes Scheduled to Begin Fall 2014

image of colored-polish-concrete

Many Austinites recognize Highland Mall when driving down Airport Boulevard, but Austin Community College is transforming the former retail site and local landmark into a new school campus. In 2011, the last remaining major department stores closed, and ACC announced its plans for a new campus. During the Spring of 2013, construction went underway on the old JC Penney store, which began Phase I of the renovations. Classes are set to begin this year, and we’re pleased that students will be setting foot onto our highly polished piece of art in the fall.

image ofNew-ACC-polished-concrete-floors

Work Begins on a New Polished Concrete Floor

The floor of the old JC Penney was in rough shape, and it was our job to transform it into 40,000 square foot of colored, polished concrete. There were several challenges associated with the old floor, which began with the poor quality of the concrete slab. A better quality may have reduced the number of cracks that needed repair. We also repaired large areas that had sustained damage during tile demolition.

On this project, all the repairs and work are being done while other types of construction and design are going on around us. It’s a true collaborative process to transform the space. But our work isn’t over yet. The floor is still being built, and we have plenty to do before it’s finished. We just wanted to share our progress, which we view as history in the making. We’re excited to be a part of ACC’s newest campus, and we’re looking forward to giving a more detailed report when the job is complete.

image of concrete-floor-before

We love renovating floors, and we’re up for the challenge of bringing new life to old, damaged floors. Learn more about our polished concrete floor services by calling ModernCrete at 888-224-1786.