3 Steps to Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

In the concrete flooring industry, there is a common misconception that polished concrete requires absolutely no maintenance. The truth is that keeping up a polished floor does require work, but it’s still fairly low maintenance compared to other types of flooring. In a recent article on Concrete Decor, a three-stage process is presented to properly — but easily — maintaining polished concrete floors.

Maintaining Polished Concrete FloorsStep #1: Restoration

Liquids or spills that remain for a long time on a concrete floor can penetrate the surface and create a permanent stain. Fortunately, concrete is easy to restore by using diamond-impregnated pads, stripping agents, prep tools and specially formulated cleaners. There are a number of products on the market to aid in this step.

Step #2: Protection

After restoring the flooring and removing all the stains, it’s critical to put down some kind of protection to avoid future stains. Even if you’ve applied them before, surface stain protectors and guard products eventually wear off. How long they last depends on the type of foot traffic they get over time. Regardless, with or without protectors, stains and liquids still must be removed — don’t leave them after spillage or semipermanent damage may result.

Step #3: Maintenance

The final step in the maintenance process is exactly just that: maintaining the hard work you’ve done in restoring and protecting your floors. By nature, polished and exposed concrete floors are very durable. They are easy to clean and they eliminate waxing and stripping chemicals, with minimal impact on the environment.


A common problem for many people is that they don’t know what’s safe to use on polished floors, or they’re not sure exactly how to use the necessary tools and cleaners. If you have any questions about your concrete polished floor, call ModernCrete at 512-331-5555 or contact us online.

Photo Credit: Alan Bron via Wikimedia Commons cc